If I had a dream show it would be called:
“Capture the moment”
It would be a reality show playing on TLC. Since I love taking pictures it would be a show about taking action shots and making memories of unforgettable events. Since a very young age, I have been watching TLC almost everyday. Reality TV shows have good purposes: to teach a lesson, make someone realize a fact or even just enjoy life and make people happy. I would like to capture people in action which would almost be kind of secret modeling. I always found that the best pictures are action pictures when people are not expecting a camera. My co-workers would be some of the world’s best photographers such as David LaChapelle and Tricia Gosingtian. The purpose of this TV show would be to make people happy by secretly posing them and then sending the pictures by mail to the recipients to see the reaction.

Written by: Janick Chartrand
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