On monday we had mentor night. This was a amazing opportunity for all of the 62 delegates. I am honored to have had the chance to listen to the point of view on life of four anazing women: Natalie Archer, Melanie Chong, Katrina Hadden and Alexandra Orlando.

SO far the Miss Teen Canada World pageant has been a great experience. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be here. What was really interesting about monday’s mentor night was that I felt like I could listen to the mentors for hours and even days.

Natalie Archer was a amazing speaker. http://www.runnymededentalcentre.com/

As being a strong women she made me realize how important life was. Since Dr. Archer always took education so seriously she told us a quote that I will never forget “no one can take your education away from you.” She also mentioned ricks. Towards herself, she personally thinks that we should take calculated buisness ricks. She always believes that it is very important to work together as a team. I can understand and put this idea into my journey because I have always told myself that two is always than one.

When Dr. Archer mentioned the serious aspects of life such as: finding the right partner and creating a family really caught my attention. This was like a reality speech for me because finding the right person is very important for me. When she was delievering her speech I felt like I could put myself in her shoes. She quoted that “women do have a lot of roles and that sometime we can not be perfect all the time.” I totally agree with her. It is sooooo true! Dr. Archer is a successful career woman and she lives a happy life. I hope I can follow her footsteps so that one day, I will be able to sit in the same position.

An other fabulous speaker was Melani Chong. She is my idol. She is so beautiful inside and out and she simply inspires me. I can refer myself to her because as being an athlete I have never thought of because a pageant girl. Therefore on her side, she never thought of becoming a model and she ended up becoming a successfull international gorgeous ford model. From modelling, she has had the opportunity to become a stylist which had always been her passion. This gives me hope because I feel like one simple thing  can simply change a life. After living several years of glory, she decided to go to university to get a education. She is simply amazing and has even created her own skincare line soyaboutique. You can find more information on her amazing products on www.soyaboutique.com

An other amazing women is Katrina. She simply inspires me how she never have up on her passion and became a model. Her strenght is amazing. She has recently published a novel which I plan on reading in my future lectures. You can buy her book onhttp://www.amazon.ca/Making-High-Heels-Inspiring-Stories/dp/1897404077/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1342763447&sr=8-1.

Her tips that she gave us were so useful. She talked how important it was to be healthy and to eat properly. I totally agree with her. Health always comes first and it is important to be healthy because happiness is reached throught healthy living. She made me realize how we must be thankful about the little things in our lives. I am so fortunate to be here right now and I realize how happy I am and how everything is going great. I personally think that she is such a glamourous person and she is so proud of what she has achieved. Looking back at my past, she has made me realize how important it is to have pride. Finally, Katrina is my idol and she delievered a great speech that I will never forget. Her story is amazing and I feel like she should share it with the world and that is why I will be posting her book on my facebook to encourage people to read it. Katrina is very kind and wrote us positive messages in letters. She is amazing !!!!


Last but not least is Alexadra. Her speech was amazing and really grabbed my attention. Since I am an athlete I can reffer myself to her. As being a figure skater I have always like gymnastics. Katrina is a olympian who has worked hard to reach her dreams. Even if she did not make the olympic team when she was hoping to, she never gave up. When people would tell her how she should just quit, she has ignored them and has been able to come back even stronger. She quoted how important it was to “tell yourself that it is not about winning it is about the journey you get out of it”. This quote has made me relize how journey is this best thing you can get out of an experience like Miss Teen Canada World pageant. She has told us not to be scared of failure. Failure never comes if you do not give. www.katrinahadden.com is her blog. Visit the website to read about her amazing story. What also inspired me was the fact that Katrina went to school and finished her buisness degree while being able to handle the life and the hard training of a olympian.






These four amazing women have had a impact in my life. Their story and their advice were so precious and I will memorize their life quotations forever. Mentor night has been a really interesting night for me and I am thankfull to the people who organized it. Thankyou!

Written by: Janick Chartrand

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