S-Trip!, graciously, is awarding the Miss Teen Social Media Queen a grad trip. The Social Media Queen title is awarded to the delegate who is the overall best blogger. I am honored to have the opportunity to be in this competition!

My dream vacation with friends would be in Republic Dominican. On this trip, I would take 6 of my girlfriends. My dream is to bring books to the less fortunate kids who do not have the proper material to learn. Since me and my friends are educated people who take school very seriously I would like to go in schools and help children learn to read and write. My dream is to help them learn to have a brighter future.

One thing that is also very relevant about Republic Dominican is that there is amazing beaches. Even if I would plan this trip to help the less fortunate kids I would like to enjoy a little bit of time with my friends. The weather in Republic Dominican is very hot compared to Canada. I would like to tan on the beach and explore the creatures.

The wildlife has always caught my attention.  I would like to explore the environment with my friends. What would also be amazing would be the  study of different cultures. Since I love history my dream is to travel all over the world. Perhaps, republic Dominican would be my first destination! Helping others while enjoying time with friends and discovering new things is really a dream vacation for me!

What would also be amazing with this trip would be the fact that a difference could be made. Before going on this trip, I would like to raise money to help the school buy appropriate material for the students. What I would also like to bring would be thousand of suitcases of material that would be useful in the life of less fortunate children such as: soap, clothes, toys, shoes, pencils, cream and more!

What a great way to make a difference!

Written by: Janick Chartrand

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