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You can vote ONCE for each e-mail address that you have.

First click on this link, it will bring you to the Miss Teen Canada website where you will have to register as a VIP (Very Important Person! lol)


***Please do not hesitate to enter all the information that is requested, I promise you will not get spam or calls!  If you don’t have a cell phone enter your home number.

Next go to your e-mail and look for the MTCW email and confirm your email address.  Please check your junkmail in case the confirmation was sent there.

After this, you will be directed back to the Miss Teen Canada World site where you can find me “Renelle Brisson” under the “MEET THE FINALISTS” Press the DETAILS link right below my picture. This will take you to my voting page.

Now enter your e-mail in the top right hand and PRESS VOTE…

Just one more step and we’re done!  Go back to your email and confirm your vote by pressing the link…NOW you are done!

I want to thank you all for voting  for me.  Please invite your friends and family to vote for me as well ! 🙂 Voting ends July 16th.

Last but not least, I want to thank my family for their ongoing support throughout this amazing adventure!  I couldn’t have done it without them. Here are a few photos of the most important people in my life!

My sister Shera & I – taken two years ago before the premiere of her movie.

My mom Renee, my gorgeous sister Marie-Andree and my dad Michel

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If I were to do a TV show I would do a cooking show because I have always been interested in the culinary arts. Since I was young I watched my mom cook & bake, she’s great at doing healthy versions of comfort foods. What we eat fuels both our body and minds. So It’s really important to eat healthy nutritious foods, but of course they have to taste good too! For people with busy, active lifestyles, eating properly is sometimes difficult.

So I would create a show called “Good To Go”. It would be a 30 minute daily program (Mon-Fri) that teaches how to prepare fast and easy healthy meals for people on the go. Utilizing common pantry ingredients combined with both local and seasonal products, I would demonstrate that tasty, healthy meals don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.

From pita pizzas to exotic fruit smoothies, from speedy burritos to hearty soups I would show how to cook a variety of foods. I would even demonstrate how to do healthy versions of comfort food classics such as a half meat/half veggie burger, and a low fat macaroni and cheese. I would even show how to make quick & healthy desserts such as apple raspberry crumble and banana chocolate cake. All recipes could be easily modified for those on a vegetarian diet.

My shows sponsors would be Shasha Bread and Marc Jacob.

Shasha Bread would provide a variety of their baked good products for the show, and Marc by Marc Jacob would provide my clothing.

Bon appetit!


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“Free the Children” is an amazing world renowned organization that was started by a young Canadian boy at the tender age of 12 years old.  It all began one day, when Craig Kielburger was looking through a newspaper for the cartoons.  A news headline “Battled Child Labor, Boy 12, Murdered” caught his eye.  He was so taken by what he read that he brought this article back to his classmates and asked if anyone wanted to help continue the plight of Iqbal Masih, the young boy who had been killed for speaking out against child labor.  Eleven of his peers raised their hand and this is how this incredible story began!  Here is Craig on one of his first trips. http://www.freethechildren.com/getinvolved/youth/craig/

“Free the Children” is one of the world’s most successful charities.  It inspires children from all over the globe to become active members of their communities.  It encourages young people to become leaders and advocates for other children, mostly the poor and impoverished kids of this world.  Free the Children is dependent on fundraising but also the amazing companies who are their official sponsors.

For this assignment I chose to speak about the “Nature’s Path” company.  Since I amalready a  health conscious person, I felt that this was the perfect topic for me!  As a matter of fact, before starting this blog, I looked into our pantry and found several products from “Nature’s Path”.  My mom is a wise shopper and she only buys “the good stuff” so if we have it at home it’s because it passed “the test” as my mom would say!

Nature’s Path was founded in the heart of a young boy years before it actually became a company.  Arran Stephens love for farming began when he was just a kid helping out on the familie’s berry farm.  His father Rupert always said “Leave the earth better than you found it”.  This became one of Arran’s quest and one that has made “Nature’s Path” a very successful organic company.  In fact, Nature’s Path is now sold across North America and internationally.  It has been featured in several magazines such as: Shape, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health and Glamour, just to name a few.  To visit their company please follow this link. http://www.naturespath.com/.  Here  you will find a wealth or information on how you can better your own gardens by doing such things as composting and collecting rain water.  “Nature’s Path” company won the prestigious 2011 “Foodies Award”!

“Nature’s Path” participated at “WE DAY” which is a one of the biggest events that “Free the Children” organize each year.  During this one day event, Nature’s Path had a booth where people could  “spin and win” for cool prizes and trips.  They also spread the motto “Leave the earth better than you found it”.

Well thanks for reading, but before you go please go “like” Free the Children on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/weday

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Bonjour! Im putting a little twist on this daily challenge stuff and bumping it up a notch. For one whole week, meaning from the 23 to the 30th I challenge you to eat healthy and exercise everyday! As an ambassador for my hometown I have to show the example. I try my hardest to go to the gym or simply walk from point A to point B. Being healthy doesn’t take much, all you need is to make healthy food choices and exercise. I love reading fitness magazines, they give you great tips and tricks on living a healthy life style. Here are two of my favorite health websites.



Hope you enjoy them.

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Hello everyone 🙂 Today’s challenge is to help people in your community. As a Miss Teen Canada-World contestant I believe that volunteer work is very important. I have help with countless organizations around my community such as D.A.R.E, Camp Cadanac and much, much more. Giving a bit of your time is a great thing and can give you the chance to learn more about your community and meet new people. Here are two recent photos of me helping out at a local bingo while selling 50/50 tickets for “Free the Children”. The other photo is of grade 6 students graduating from D.A.R.E class. D.A.R.E is a great organization that helps children understand the dangers of drug use as well as alcohol, that’s why I though it was a great place to volunteer my time.

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Welcome everyone to my special tour of Kapuskasing. My hometown began with the development of the National Transcontinental Railway siding known as MacPherson. This year my town is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary. The New-York Times newspaper established a paper mill here to guaranty a consistent supply of quality paper for it’s presses. Kimberly Clark the partner of the New-York Times also opened a Kleenex factory at the same time. People from all over the country came here for work. Today the woodland industry is just a small part of Kapuskasing’s economic development. Hydro electricity and phosphate mining are among our biggest employers. Mining exploration continues to prove that the Kapuskasing area has a lot of hidden gems!

The start of my tour begins at Kapuskasings Town Hall. This is where the musical theater is held every year! I have participated in this event for more then 6 years.






Next, right beside the Town Hall you can find our newly built library. This is a wonderful place to come read a book and relax by the fireplace. You can also bring your children for story time.

Now, after visiting the library you can take a stroll by the Kap river. The name Kapuskasing actually means “the turning of the river” in cree.  Here you will find peace and tranquility. With beautiful trails, a children’s water park and playground, everyone can enjoy this area. This is also the place where some Lumberjack Heritage Festival and St-Jean Festival activities happen.

Fun fact: Kapuskasing hosts the biggest St-Jean Festival in ONTARIO and it’s happening this coming week-end.

Kapuskasing was built around “The Circle”. This place leads to all the streets in Kapuskasing. Here you can find shops, restaurants, the post office, banks and much more.

Only a few minutes away from the circle you can find an awesome old style train filled with some of Kapuskasing greatest memories and local art pieces. The picture that you see with the “K” within a circle is Kapuskasing’s original logo.

I hope this tour has helped you all learn a bit more of Kapuskasing 🙂 You can visit http://www.kapuskasing.ca for more information and great activities that this great town has to offer! See you next time!



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Today’s challenge focuses on the environment, something that means a great deal to me.  Small changes in a persons everyday life to help improve are environment can make a difference, that’s why today’s challenge is to close the tap water while brushing your teeth. This task is simple enough but it is often neglected.


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Hi everyone! I hope all of you have a good day, thats why todays challenge is going to help make your day a little brighter. Today’s challenge is to call, text, e-mail, skype (anything really) someone you haven’t talk to in a while. I will be doing this challenge today and I chose to give a call to both of my sisters 🙂 My sisters and I have been very close since the very beginning. They have been the ones to help me through hardship and have also been there through funny times  too. Now sadly to say, both my sisters are out of the house. Shera (the eldest) left the house first to go live in Toronto, now my sister Marie-Andree is gone to Ottawa for university which leaves me all alone. Have fun doing your challenge 🙂

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Bonjour 🙂Another beautiful morning in Kapuskasing! Sun is shining and the birds are chirping! I have a preposition for all of you. Seeing as there are only 25 days till the pageant arrives I will be posting a daily challenge to give everyone the chance to brighten their day as well as someone else’s. For your first challenge (something easy, just to get you all started) you have to SMILE and say hello to a complete STRANGER. Wether its saying hello as you cross someone going in to your favorite cafe place or as you jog by them it can make a difference in their day as well as yours. A smile takes no effort and is usually contagious, meaning you should get a smile back! “A good smile can brighten up the room. People who frequently smile are perceived to be more in control, at ease and attractive than those who don’t.  (Lau, 1982). However, a genuine smile may do more than just improve your appearance. New research has found a strong connection between smiling and your general health and well-being.” said in an article on the live strong website. To read more please follow the link and keep smiling! 🙂

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/18859-health-benefits-smiling/#ixzz1PMDztXr6






Put a Smile On Here is a cute song I found on iTunes, hope you enjoy it 🙂

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